Guest Speakers

Nik Nanos


Chair, Nanos Research Group of Companies


Managing Risk in the Age of Voter Rage


Nik will explore political instability in Canada, the US and around the world.  Drawing on an extensive research base he will unpack how executives can ensure their organizations better communicate, engage, and publicly navigate in an environment of instability.

Dr. Andrew Gemino

Ph.D., M.B.A., M.A., B.A.

Professor, Management Information Systems

Simon Fraser University


Digital Innovation


Digital innovation is transforming organizations by requiring adaptation to technological change. Examples of these technological changes include blockchain, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Developing an awareness of how changes in digital technology can be harnessed to create value will be a key to future organizational success.

Eric Termuende

Future Work Expert


What We Don’t Hear About When Talking Future of Work


The World Economic Forum says we are now entering the fourth Industrial Revolution. Considering exponential integration of technology and accessibility of information being greater now than ever before, what stories are we telling to attract the right candidates to the workforce, understand AI, and ensure we have psychologically safe workplaces?

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