2020 Program

Keynote Address: Nik Nanos
Chief Data Scientist Nik Nanos, Founder of Nanos Research Corporation – one of Canada’s most distinguished research companies. Mr. Nanos leads the team behind weekly Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, considered a must-have resource for senior executives and is also featured in a weekly segment on CTV’s News Channel, Nanos on the Numbers, which focuses on the latest political, business and social trends. At CE3C Nick will unpack the impact of COVID-19 on Canadians from social, economic and political perspectives.  Nanos will share weekly data they have collected throughout the past months as well as special reseatch project conducted for a range of clients including Bloomberg News and the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

2020 CE3C Executive Survey Results and Benchmarking
Leroy Banack, Senior Partner F&M Management and Partner at CE3C Management Ltd., will present the results of the annual CE3C survey of the environment and engineering industry. Data will cover various topics including growth, financial performance, human resources, marketing, project management and the impact of the COVID-19. The results from 2020 will be compared to previous year’s results with an eye to developing formal benchmarking for release in 2021. The 2020 survey will be sent to all CE3C participants to be completed by the end of August.

Panel Discussion: The COVID-19 Impact on Consulting and Engineering Sector in Canada
Senior executives from participating companies will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on their organization. Topics to be covered include; operational challenges, government assistance program effectiveness and use, workplace and work-from-home shifts and lessons learned/best practices moving forward. Has COVID-19 changed how we manage our business? Are we ready for what’s next? Session will include open discussion and Q&A among panelists and participants.

Panel Discussion: Mergers and Acquisitions before, during and after COVID-19
Senior participating executives will discuss the state of M&A activities in the industry, valuations, economics and the challenges of acquiring and integrating organizations during times of disruption and uncertainty. Where are the opportunities? How has the landscape changed?

Closing Remarks and Wrap Up
Short summary of CE3C 2020 with special guest remarks. Announcement of upcoming CE3C virtual information and networking sessions leading into CE3C 2021, which will be held in-person from September 29th to October2st in Vancouver, BC.

Executive Networking Sessions via Zoom (optional)
Attending executives will have the opportunity to join a facilitated networking session, where attendees will be introduced, have the opportunity to share general thoughts and ideas and join smaller groups for more focused chats. This inaugural virtual networking session will be replicated throughout the year leading into CE3C 2021.