Executive Survey

Attending executives are required to submit a simplified, high-level survey to gauge how the attending executives view key issues impacting the industry. These key issues include sustainable growth, mergers and acquisitions, sector commoditization, employee engagement, and future of the industry. The survey results will be presented at the beginning of the conference and details shared with all delegates on a confidential basis.  This benchmarking study was first begun in 2018 and helps set the tone for many of the conference discussions.  For details on this survey and past results, please contact Leroy Banack.

Leroy Banack, Senior Partner F&M Management, will present the results of the annual CE3C survey of the environment and engineering industry. Data will cover various topics including growth, financial performance, human resources, marketing, project management and the impact of the COVID-19. The results from 2020 will be compared to previous year’s results with an eye to developing formal benchmarking process. The 2020 survey will be sent to all CE3C participants to be completed by the end of August.