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Good Governance: A Roundtable Discussion

Corporate governance is of paramount importance to any company. The role of the organization’s Board and the Board’s relationship with the CEO and the shareholders are key to the overall, and continued success of the company. Whether it is creating shareholder value, providing effective communication with the executive suite and operations or structuring adequate compensation packages, setting up and maintaining good corporate governance policies helps assure regulatory compliance and keeps the organization on steady footing.

CE3C delegates can participate in this expertly moderated roundtable discussion with several experienced board members who will share their candid opinions and experiences including how to best address corporate, legal and reputational exposures.


Panelist: Jon Hantho, BA (Hon), MBA
President & CEO at CBI Health Group
Panelist: Scott Munn
Hugessen Consulting Inc.
Panelist: Yuri Fulmer
Fulmer Capital

Additional Panelist to be confirmed soon